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The main character is surmounting obstacles, is looking for a way out of the city, gradually going down in history of this post-apocalyptic world. The adventure begins in a prison science lab.

Mechanic 8230 - Pre-Alpha version 0.3



- The second level (this level contains 3 rooms and 3 characters);

- Something was modified in menu and in first level ;

- Saving of levels and some objects;

- PDA with the possibility to insert the chips(open to P, the chips will also be on 1,2,3...);

- Scrolls;

- Remembrance;

- On and Off the background music ( does not save);

- The new system of starting the game from the script, with the blenderplayer into a separate folder;

- Improved storyline! Everything is much more interesting than than we planned!


- The game settings;

- Development of a radiation-protective suit;

- At this stage there may be errors that will be corrected in the next update.

The another update of the demo Mechanic 8230 is released! We will be
very glad to your feedback and appreciate if you will record video of
your first passage of game. Or just report the error.)

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Download demo

Mechanic 8230 - Demo Pre-Alpha v0.3 (Linux32) 218 MB
Mechanic 8230 - Demo Pre-Alpha v0.3 (Linux64) 223 MB
Mechanic 8230 - Demo Pre-Alpha v0.3 (Win32) 192 MB
Mechanic 8230 - Demo Pre-Alpha v0.3 (Win64) 200 MB

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I really enjoyed this little glimpse into Mechanic 8230! The world you've built is very interesting, and very weird! I didn't quite manage to get to the end of the demo, but I had fun trying and look forward to seeing more =)

Keep up the great work!


Cool! Thanks! You passed the end of level 2. The hatch is a passage in third level. This level will not be in demo. In the next time we'll do the passing to the next level more clear. By the way, with Esc key you can open the top menu but it doesn't obvious because we didn't do a hint. We will fix this in the next update. Good luck! ;)

Hello! I really enjoyed your demo, it looks awesome and has a very strong foundation to be a great game! I'm really glad you told me about it and I very much look forward to seeing what you guys do with it! Until then I made a let's play of your game here~


Thank you for the excellent let's play, advice and kind words!! It was very interesting to watch :)

With a stick unfortunately this is a bug!(door without a stick can't go in) We noticed it only when it has released an update demo.

Good luck ;)

You're more than welcome! 

Cool pre-alpha demo! I played through it, though I did notice one bug. After I completed the demo I pressed the continue button on the main menu, that brought me back to the room with the big brain. However, when I activated the vacuumcleaner bot I wasn't able to go through the door anymore, it kept saying I needed a red key, even though the door was open while the bot passed through.

Thank you! We are glad that you like our game)! It's strange bug.We will remove this bug in the next update!