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If the localization for Mechanic 8230: Escape from Ilgrot is not available in your language and you know English you can help with this so that the game becomes available in your country. If the translation is unprofessional it's still better than nothing, isn't it?
To evaluate the content and volume of the text, follow this link: and if that doesn't scare you, ask for access to this document. After the translation is completed, we will definitely add you to the list of the game's localizers.

You need to create an additional line for your language under already existing ones. For example:
0101RU <Новая игра>
0101EN <New game>
0101CN <新游戏>

More nuances:
- The dialog box contains 54 characters, 4 lines in total.
- The PDA contains 30 characters per line, 9 lines
- Be careful not to delete the characters <>
- You don't need to indent [Enter], the engine performs translations by itself.

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