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Mechanic 8230 is a point-and-click adventure taking place on a retro futuristic planet inhabited by strange creatures-mutants and artificil life forms.

Help a little morsum to escape from the city delving in history of Bifrostiya world. Events start in a dungeon science lab  from where we  will need to escape.

Mechanic 8230 - Pre-Alpha  v0.4



  • Cardinal changes of the top menu from which will moving down the panel for display details of the radiation-protective suit. There are also new location in top menu for chips and added two new icons: messages from the robot and the button for opening panel with radiation-protective suit. Modified and icons of the top menu;
  • New selection of objects as a light green outline;
  • Adding to the basic of style the dominant light green glow which will emphasize manufacturability;
  • The language in the game will be only Russian and English, now the choice is made in the main menu and the whole thing is saved;
  • The serious visual changes in the main menu;
  • Realized the game settings and their preservation, such as: language selection, sound volume, screen resolution, shadow. This is a huge step, thanks to Andrei Voloshin;
  • The PDA now performs the function of an automatic translator, information from chips is displayed in the language that was selected in the menu. And it was enlarged to fit more text.
  • New system of saving via Global dict, thanks for the help to Andrey Voloshin;
  • Improved and completed the script, the feed of which will be through chips, messages from the robot and of course through the visual;
  • In the process of creating the unique and awesome soundtracks for Mechanic 8230, from Alexandr Zhelanov, 3 of which are already available in the demo. You can listen to them in our blog;
  • New painted poster in which cable car located against a background of a shelter.

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Download demo

mechanic_8230-demo_pre-alpha_v0.4_linux64 179 MB
mechanic-8230-demo-pre-alpha-v0.4-win64.zip 138 MB

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I really enjoyed this little glimpse into Mechanic 8230! The world you've built is very interesting, and very weird! I didn't quite manage to get to the end of the demo, but I had fun trying and look forward to seeing more =)

Keep up the great work!


Cool! Thanks! You passed the end of level 2. The hatch is a passage in third level. This level will not be in demo. In the next time we'll do the passing to the next level more clear. By the way, with Esc key you can open the top menu but it doesn't obvious because we didn't do a hint. We will fix this in the next update. Good luck! ;)

Hello! I really enjoyed your demo, it looks awesome and has a very strong foundation to be a great game! I'm really glad you told me about it and I very much look forward to seeing what you guys do with it! Until then I made a let's play of your game here~


Thank you for the excellent let's play, advice and kind words!! It was very interesting to watch :)

With a stick unfortunately this is a bug!(door without a stick can't go in) We noticed it only when it has released an update demo.

Good luck ;)

You're more than welcome! 

Cool pre-alpha demo! I played through it, though I did notice one bug. After I completed the demo I pressed the continue button on the main menu, that brought me back to the room with the big brain. However, when I activated the vacuumcleaner bot I wasn't able to go through the door anymore, it kept saying I needed a red key, even though the door was open while the bot passed through.

Thank you! We are glad that you like our game)! It's strange bug.We will remove this bug in the next update!