[02/07/2020] Mechanic 8230 — Alpha v1.0.0

Hey everybody we just released an alpha v1.0.0 of Mechanic 8230. If you found a bug in the development version, please let us know about it. We’re looking forward to receiving your feedback about our project! We can improve the Mechanic 8230 together! Extract the archive and run the start_game file. If the game does not start, try extracting the archive in another section. To start the game in the window, the file start_game_window is provided.


— The game menu now opens with the mouse pointing;
— All actions in the game are now performed with the mouse keys;
— Ability to enter a level code for quick access to a specific level;
— Realize a new screensaver;
— Add text for different things: script, dialogue, tooltips, etc.;
— Implement linear dialogs;
— Improving the design of levels, characters, etc. A lot of work has been done and we are very pleased with the results;
— Updating the main menu: art, design, animation, improved settings, effects;
— Creating splash screens while loading levels;
— Optimized:

    1. If it necessary you can use lod optimization;
    2. Occlusion;
    3. Converting textures to dds format;
    4. All textures are translated into sizes with a power of two;
    5. Clearing animations from unnecessary keys;
    6. Use only diffuse texture;
    7. Whenever possible use an alpha channel based on black;
    8. Cleaning materials from physics;
    9. Clearing objects from shadows(only necessary objects accept or reject them).

— Convenient switching of screen resolution;
— An outline is added when hovering over drop-down objects;
— Fixed a large number of errors;
— Added various new sounds for different actions;
— The scenario has been worked out better;
— Improved and added new animations. Now the chain of events is much better traced;
— All 10 levels have been started, only their completion remains;
— Improved puzzles and hints. Now they are more logical and justified;
— Improved localization in English and Russian;
— Adding an executable file to run in the window;
— Now by default, there is a save file with default settings;
— A large number of errors found by our subscribers and others have been taken into account and corrected. Also, many of your tips have helped improve the game and become an integral part of it! We are very grateful for this!


mechanic_8230-demo_alpha_v1.0.0_win64.zip 241 MB
Jul 03, 2020

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